Images must be paid for before links and or Prints are Emailed or Mailed


If you want us to make your prints and send to you via mail, please add the cost of making a link ( artwork, cropping, sizing etc.) and cost of making a finished print plus 3.00 for mailing. 15% Provincial sales tax has to be added as well.

4x5 ---------------  $6.00


5x5 ---------------- $8.00

5x7 ---------------  $11.00

8x10 --------------  $20.00

10x10 -------------- $30.00

11x14 -------------  $50.00

16x20 -------------- $90.00

Cost of prints is as follow:

All links delivered to clients will be of highest quality, cropped, color corrected, touched up, etc., ready for printing or whatever intended end use is.

Images for Purchase

Premiers Awards

Charges for these links are as follows:

1 link each of any two images, sizes up to 16x20.............. 10. 00 for both---------3rd link--------5.00

1 link each of any four images, sizes up to 16x20. ............. 20. 00 for four--------5th link---------5.00

1 link each of any six images, sizes up to 16x20................30.00 for six

Any problems understanding the above, call or email.

All images presented here are proofs only and are not for reproduction in any form

Click on image below pertaining to you for proof images